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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Short & Sweet...

As we're driving on the freeway, having an nice intense discussion of what "global warming" [or...um...] "climate change" is...

"Belly" enthusiastically (and very sarcastically) said: "Mom, I know what's causing global warming!"
"Yes, Belly?" I tentatively questioned.
"Belly" replied matter-of-factly: "It's the polar bears!!! They keep peeing on the ice!"
At the same time we all yelled: "KILL THE POLAR BEARS!"
"Katie" threw in: "What about the penguins!  All that sliding around has got be causing mass friction and friction causes heat.  Thus? Global warming!"
At the same time we all yelled: "KILL THE PENGUINS!"

Disclaimer: To those of you who are sympathetic toward the "saving the polar bears cause" or like to think of penguins as cute little birdies, lighten up!  We're only joking! However, a polar bear rug might look nice in front of our fireplace... NOT! Ooooo... Maybe as a blanket!  :0)