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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Trip to Twin Falls! Part 2

Now... Where did we leave off?
Oh, yeah! Driving over the breath-taking Snake Canyon (Thanks, Dori!)
and entering Twin Falls...
Photo borrowed.
Like I could take a picture while I was driving and... from this angle. :0)

What were we expecting? I don't know...  maybe tumbleweeds rolling around everywhere, vicious hawks preying on dead visitors that never made their destination... if we were lucky we might see a few toothless people sitting around and waiting to put a noose around someone's unsuspecting neck.  Instead we saw...  Real stores, friendly people, paved roads, Costco and a awe-inspiring view!

(Places will appear in no particular order.) We cruised by the Golden Corral and McDs.  We saw Costco, Walmart, Winco, Target, and a wonderful restaurant called the River Rock Grill. There was even a mall! As we drove on we spied a museum-looking carwash called the Rocket! We saw several more familiar restaurants, stores, and gas stations.  Holy crud! Twin Falls even had a Starbucks (yuck)!

Forging ahead we came to every tourists nightmare... a half-pie in the road!  4 different ways to go.  We anxiously (and spontaneously) chose the third street which looked like the obvious solution, but I soon discovered that I was wrong. So... we made a U-turn (illegal, maybe?) and back-tracked to where we had come from.  Looking at the handy-dandy little map, we made our way to the correct road and journeyed on.

We spied a few older motels, a mexican meals-on-wheels (El Toro), more gas stations, a grocery store... a real hospital!  This place was legit!

As we drove on, we began to notice that businesses were becoming more desolate, open fields, fresh air, and a scary looking "haunted house" appeared.  We admired bean farms and then unsuspectingly hit a mad dip in the road while driving about 45 miles per hour.  You know...  The dips that make you choke on your own spit (hopefully not someone else's), take your breath, say things that you wouldn't normally say, laugh, and then beg to do it again. We then flew by a corn field.

Choking back tears... not from the spit or laughter, but from the beauty of the country, we turned on to a dirt road and pulled into "a" driveway.  Thinking it was the wrong house, we began to pull back out.  Hearing, "Wait! Wait!" and seeing my grown -up HS BF and several of her darlings come running towards the driveway, we pulled back in.  Jumping outta the car, we plunged into the hot Idaho air and hugged a few of the most important people sweetest family members in my life.

Entering the cool house, we were greeted by her knight and her reluctant (and at the time, very quite) pajama-clothed son.  We sat down in her cute & cozy living room and tried to catch our breaths.  Holding her little "Miss Z", I was tempted to pinch myself.  Was I really there?  With my HS BF? The woman who I still remembered as my choir-singing alto buddy... The young chick that I'd stay up with all night giggling about nothing?  The girl that I shared many tears with? The teen girl who I had confided all of my secrets with? The "innocent" little chickie-poo that I pulled "dangerous", daring, and stupid stunts with? The poor girl who's hair I fried?

Was I really there? And... sitting with our precious blessings?

Yes... I was there.
And God had brought us together
for a special, and much needed, encore...

This photo is from last year's too-brief-of-a-lunch-date.
I am SO looking forward to many more... :0)

My coffee cup runneth empty.
Peace out...