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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Short and Sweet... Jesus Loves Me

My mom came over for dinner the other night and some really funny memories were brought back to life.

Mom reminded me of the time that she was driving her van with "Katie" (at the time about 4 years old), my little brother, and his friend in the back.  The boys were discussing some really scary movies and my mom reminded them that "Katie" was with them and that they shouldn't be talking about that kind of stuff.

My brother's friends said, "She don't know anything."

"Katie" contemplated on what he said for a moment.
Then a big thought came out of her little mind.
She said, "Grandma, I may not know much.  But I know that Jesus loves me... the Bible tells me so!"

Oh, If the rest of us would just keep things simple like a child.
When in the midst of hard times or facing difficult situations,
just cling to His promises... and trust His every word.
This I know, because the Bible tells me so!

Jesus Loves Me,